Delayed Crookedness

It’s been a manic year for us both, and we’re both busy with our own writing projects, but fear not – Crooked Holster will be back. We’re hoping to be ready with a theme later this year or early in 2018 for publication late 2018.

In the meantime, happy writing!


Something’s Giving Us Sleepless Nights and It’s Not Father Christmas! ‘Treachery’- flying off the shelves, the fastest seller yet.

Orders are pouring in for the fantastic Crooked Holster – Treachery edition. It must be something about Christmas….

Visit Amazon now to secure your copy and while you are there, check out the reissued Volumes 1&2. Showcasing the very best of new crime and thriller writing, ‘Treachery’ is so crooked, it’s almost cosy…

Find Treachery Here!

Not long now…

Proofs  have been approved, so in just a few days you’ll be able to get  your crooked mitts on Treachery!

Volume 1 will also be available in a brand new cover to match volumes 2 & 3 – A crookedly matching set of books can be yours! We’ll also be packing books into bags to send our lovely contributors as soon as we can – so start keeping an eye on your post box in the next few weeks.

A kindle version of volume 3  will be available very soon.